Easy Homemade deck cleaning solution

The deck is definitely a nice feature of our homes. However, it needs a little care to keep it looking good. We will show you some easy deck cleaning solution to keep your deck beautiful and healthy. These tips will help you to clean the deck smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Usually, you can sweep and remove debris to keep the desk clean. But it is essential to wash the whole deck including the deck woods, railing at least once a year. There is a lot of automated ways to clean deck without any hard work. But the automated processes are costly. But you can follow this article to clean your desk easily without paying much. Besides, if you need to buy electric cars pressure washer, you should follow electric pressure washer for cars reviews.

Homemade deck cleaning solution

Easy Homemade deck cleaning

At first, you will need some ingredients to make deck cleaning solution at home.  They are:

  • A Pressure Washer/ A Hose with Sprayer
  • Pressure Washer Detergent/ Normal Laundry Detergent
  • Scrubbing Bush with spikes
  • Slender Tool
  • Trash Bag
  • Water

A pressure washer is not essential for this process. You can use the hose instead of a pressure washer. At first, take some water and mix the laundry detergent or pressure washer detergent with the water. Your mixture is ready to use now!

How to Clean Deck with the Mixture

Follow the below steps to clean your deck with the mixture:


At first, prepare your deck for cleaning. Move all the objects from the deck to another place. If you are unable to move any item, cover them with clothes or covering. The deck becomes slippery at the time of cleaning. So, wear rubber shoes to protect yourself.


Before started cleaning, you will need to remove the dirt and debris from the deck. Just use a brush to remove any dirt and put them in a trash bag. Use slander tool to remove any debris that is trapped in the deck boards.


Now use a pressure washer with detergent soap or garden hose to wet the deck surface. For best pressure washer detergent soap reviews click here. Water the surface from staying 3 feet away to get the best result.  After that, apply the mixture on the wet surface. Allow the mixture to sit for some moments. Now grab the brush and scrub the area thoroughly.


At this step, again water the whole surface using the hose. Then let the surface dry entirely. Your deck will be ready to use after it dries perfectly.

Deck Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips to make your deck cleaning journey easy:

  • Use nylon spike brushes for better scrubbing power.
  • Never wash pressure washer if your deck woods are ancient.
  • If your deck become too old, use a sealer for making it look new.
  • Use quite warm water for better cleaning.
  • Use clear water to rinse the surface.
  • Clean out the solution before it becomes dry.
  • Try not to use bleaches on the deck surface.

Cleaning the old deck will give a new look to your deck. Hopefully, the above-given deck cleaning solution will help you to clean your deck correctly.

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