Side effects of depression medication and how to manage them

When anyone is taking treatment for depression, he/she will face the side effects of depression medication. For moderate or severe depression, your doctor will prescribe you some antidepressant medication. When you take medicine regularly, you may face some side effects like jitteriness, dry mouth, diarrhea, etc. You can track your side effects and then discuss them with the doctor. By this, you can manage the side effects of taking medicine of depression. However, the side effects depend on your medication.

Side effects of depression medication

side effects of depression medication

Now see some most common side effects of depression medication that you need to be alert.

Physical Symptoms

When you begin to take medicine for depression, you can first see some physical symptoms such as a headache, muscle aches, skin rashes, diarrhea, joint pain, etc. But all these symptoms are mild and also temporary. We know from a study of Clinical Therapeutics that over 40,000 people who have started depression medication face the common side effects of headache, nausea.  Many of them cannot tolerate the side effects, and they need to discontinuation of the drugs. So, the physical symptoms are the primary side effects of antidepressant medication.

Sleep Disturbance

It is another common side effect. Many people fall asleep or wake up at the night quickly. Besides, the people can start sleepwalking when they take depression medication. A review that was published in Frontiers Psychiatry journal says that about 22 percent people who are taking SSRIs are suffering from some sleeping disturbance.

Weight Gain

It is the late side effect of depression medication. For this reason, many patients stop the medicine or change it. During the medication period, you should do 30 minutes exercise. I think it is the best remedy. Besides, the children are also suffering from heavyweight as the long-term effect of antidepressants. Fluoxetine, sertraline is responsible for the childhood disorders like obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Drug interactions

When patients take SSRIs, they break down in their liver by some enzymes that are known as cytochrome P450. SSRIs engage the enzymes and can bump out other drugs which require the same enzymes for breakdown process. Thus, it increases the blood level. The danger is severe with the fluoxetine and paroxetine. It can cause high fever, blood pressure, sweating, delirium, etc. So, the doctor should concern about this.

Daytime Sleepiness

It is the common side effect of the antidepressant. When you face nighttime disturbance of sleep, you will feel daytime sleepiness. To solve this problem, you may need to take the medicine at bedtime. SSRIs can both cause the sedation that makes daytime sleepiness and also insomnia. For this, the patients feel nighttime wakefulness. More than 25 percent people taking SSRIs face both side effects.


The migraine is a ordinary matter with the people of depression. For this, the people with migraines should be careful while taking SSRIs. The migraine medication is called tripants. This medicine and also SRRIs increase serotonin in the brain. The serotonin syndrome causes flushing, headache, increased heart rate. So, it is not a good idea to take these medicines together. You can ask your doctor that how you can avoid the serotonin syndrome.


Depression medication increases the risk of suicide. Most of the study shows that SSRI increases the suicide risk. The risk of this medication effect for teens, adults, and children is up to 4 percent. The main reason that leads an antidepressant to suicide is that it gives the person proper energy to make a suicide plan. So, an antidepressant should follow the advice of a doctor to prevent the side effect.

Sexual Effects

The long-term and the common side effects are the sexual effects that caused by SSRIs. After taking a long time depression medication, an antidepressant may face sexual desire decreased. About 60 percent people on SSRIs may suffer this side effect. It is also a long-term side effect that people cannot tolerate for a long time. So, you should work with a doctor that can help you. Many patients say that depression medication diminishes sexual interest, satisfaction, sexual desire, performance, etc.

Antidepressant before birth

Some studies show that there is a risk of low birth weight, premature delivery, etc. taking depression medication during the last three months of pregnancy. At birth, the baby can suffer from jitters, irritability, rarely, carrying, seizures, etc. The women who are severely depressed need antidepressant drugs during pregnancy time because depression affects their unborn child.

Blood Sugar & Diabetes

There is a link between the depression medication and blood sugar regulation. A review that was published in 2013 in the journal named Diabetes Care said this relationship. They made a study where there were 4000 participants. The research shows that the antidepressants have worsened control on blood sugar because of the significant weight gain. Tricyclic antidepressants can cause hyperglycemia in humans. So, we see that depression medication raises the diabetes risks in the people.

How to manage the side effects of depression medication

When you see the symptoms, you should call the doctor. Some side effects such as nausea or suicidal thoughts are the reasons to call the doctor to take help. During the side effects, you should be patient and take some plan from your doctor. Your doctor can adjust the medication by changing the dosage when you face the side effects. To minimize the side effects, you can change the dosage time. If you suffer from nausea, you can suck on candies. To avoid weight gain, you can do some physical exercises on a daily basis.

To come out from depression, taking medication is essential. But during this period, some side effects of depression medication will occur. But in the case of severe depression, you cannot avoid taking medicine. In this case, taking advice from your doctor is the best way to minimize the side effects. The common side effects can be reduced by some simple steps. Take proper steps and medication for your depression and lead a healthy and happy life.

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