What do bunnies eat? Learn what food is safe for your pet

Do you know what do your bunnies should eat or not? Most of the beginners often get confused with the ideal diet of bunnies. We know they are herbivorous, but it does not mean all type of fruits and vegetable supposed to fit in their meal.

There are more than 110 foods bunny can eat. If you want to give your rabbits, proper nutrition read in the following article.

What do bunnies eat


A bunny should drink water from 50-150 ml every day depending on age, size and weather basis. Add a hanging water bottle of a bowel especially for water. There are many types of drinkers available in the market according to the age range of bunnies.

Place the drinker in suitable height where the bunnies can reach quickly. In hot weather ad an ice cube to provide chill water. Make sure to change the water daily.

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Make a diet plan contains lots of fresh veggies, fruits, and hay. Make sure to match it according to their weight, age, breed, and sex. Also, if your bunnies have children or give birth on a regular basis, her diet should contain a large quantity of food then others.

Bunnies are foraging and grazing animal of nature. So they should feed a reasonable amount and verity of stable vegetation. Add 80-90% vegetables, fruit, and hays which are enriched with protein and fiber.

These food items not only ideal for their body type, but these are also good for their oral health as well. You may know bunny’s teeth grow continuously as long as they are alive. Such a solid fiber like grass, leaves, etc. prevent overgrowth of teeth.

You can also add commercial pellets in their diet with other fresh ingredients. They are a good source of fiber, vitamin, protein, and minerals. But less the quality of pellet as your bunnies grow bigger and ages. Also, avoid pellets that have ingredients like corn or soy.

Suitable    Unsuitable
Celery leavesBracken
BroccoliElder Poppies
Chicory    PrivetLily-of-the-valley
CourgetteMost evergreens
Brussels SproutsOak leaves
Carrots (occasionally)Foxglove
Dandelion (in moderation)Rhubarb leaves
Green beans
Salad peppers
Radish Tops


Rabbits have particular kind of digestive system that requires fibrous substance. They produce it though caecotropes. Spectacular faeces that they eat from their anus. These are different from normal faeces of the rabbit. Caectropers produce bacterial fermentation which also makes amino acids, vitamin, and fatty acids. These are vital for bunnies to get nutrients from the food.

If you are going to adding any new food to enhance the nutrition in their dies, try it in a small amount. New food may cause strong aversion of meal intake in some cases. So it’s better to try it a small amount when they are genuinely hungry. Later on, you can increase the amount if they like. Also, your bunny can allergic to any food that supposed to normal for other rabbits. So carefully observe their food consumption and later on effects.


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